Author: Rok Novak

Rok Novak is currently an MA student in the PPE program at Cevro Institute, specializing in Austrian economics and behavioral policy making. He is a Slovenian citizen and since 2014 writes a regular column for Časnik Finance, the central business daily there. He is also the Program Director of Institute Libertas, a Slovenian free-market think tank he co-founded in 2015. Before switching his focus to the study of political economy, he did his BA in English at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. He is a Fellow at Institute for Research in Economic and Fiscal Issues Europe, and a Frédéric Bastiat Fellow at the Mercatus Center of George Mason University since the Summer of 2017. His primary interests lie with comparative institutional analysis, the economic effects of entry barriers, public choice, and behavioral economics. Outside his work and studies Rok is a chess fan, passionately enjoys good food, and doesn’t discriminate in his love for beer and wine.