Welcome to PPE.life


If you’re reading this, let me say welcome to the first-ever post on ppe.life, a blog about the concepts, issues, and ideas surrounding philosophy, politics and economics. Expect contributions to begin showing up here regularly, so please check back often for all things PPE.

In the meantime, let me explain more about who we are at ppe.life and what exactly you can expect. This blog is run by, and all contributions are from, the class of MA students enrolled in the PPE program at the Cevro Institute in Prague, Czech Republic. If you’ve never heard of the Cevro Institute or their MA program in PPE, you can find out more info here. This link, and others, will remain in the tab above as well.

The concept behind ppe.life is to create a space where any student involved in the program can post on anything that interests them; from summaries and key ideas of papers we’ve written for classes or conferences; to explaining interesting data we’ve compiled; and reviews or comments on recent papers, blogs or books we’ve read. We will also post about events and exciting news about things going on at Cevro. For even more details on us, you can check out the “About” tab above.

By building ppe.life, and the community we hope will surround it, we look forward to debating politics, furthering our understanding of economic theory, and pondering the deep philosophical questions of the world. We hope you, as readers, will actively engage in respectful debate and comments, and we hope you will share with us your suggestions and insights.

So with that all laid out, expect actual posts to start flowing onto the page in the coming days. We are super excited to have this project up and running!

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