Cevro on the Tom Woods Show

A bunch of folks from here in Prague have been featured on the Tom Woods show lately including my colleague, Kevin Flanagan. Kevin’s doing his PPE Masters here at Cevro and previously received a bachelor in Law at Dublin City University. He’s an expert on Irish History, he teaches courses online at the Brehon Law Academy on the laws and customs of early Ireland, and he’s an all around cool guy. A few weeks ago he was on with Tom to discuss the long and rich history of Anarchy in Ireland.

The president of Cevro, professor Josef Sima, was recently on the show as well. Professor Sima, who is also an all around cool guy, was on to talk about all his great accomplishments and also what it was like growing up and being an economist through the Czech Republic’s transition away from communism.

If anyone reading this is not familiar with the Tom Woods show, it’s a daily podcast about liberty and free markets, covering a vast array of topics “ranging from war and the federal reserve, to net neutrality and the FDA”. It is definitely worth checking out beyond just the Cevro episodes.

As a bonus episode you can also check out one of the visiting professor’s here at Cevro, Mateusz Machaj on the Tom Woods Show, where he discusses life in Poland under communism and afterwards through its transition.   

p.s. Cevro’s PPE program has a lot of really great visiting professors, and my plan is to do a future blog post series interviewing as many of them as possible. So hopefully there will be a post up soon with more info on professor Machaj and his work.

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